Bringing restaurant goers together to help save the hospitality industry, by paying it forward.
Bringing restaurant goers together to help save the hospitality industry, by paying it forward.
The hospitality industry is hurting.
Grabbing a flat white to go at your favourite hole-in-wall coffee shop. Dining out on a Saturday night. Brunch on a Sunday morning. These are part of the Canadian way of life, and they're the result of an extremely passionate, dedicated group of small businesses -- over 97,500 to be precise.

These businesses desperately need your help.

#ServingHospitality - a social impact initiative run by hospitality service providers SilverChef and inKind - allows you to 'pay it forward' by buying credit to your favourite restaurant or cafe. This credit will provide an invaluable cash flow injection that could make the difference in a business being able to stay open.

You'll also get rewarded with bonus dining credit to redeem once you feel comfortable dining out.

SilverChef is a B-Corp and industry leader in hospitality equipment financing, with over 30 years' experience helping more than 50,000 business owners achieve their dreams.
Also a B-Corp, inKind has helped over 400 restaurants in Canada, Australia and the US raise capital from their local community through its proven House Account platform.
What is a House Account?
House Accounts are digital gift cards that come with a bonus. For example, you could buy a $500 account and get $600 in total value ($100 bonus) to redeem at the local business you are supporting. The $500 you pay for the account goes directly to the venue - giving them the funds they need to help operate their business. You then get $600 in credit added to your digital account via the inKind Mobile App.

When you head into the venue that you're supporting, you can use the app to pay for your meal. Simply open the app, enter in your amount due, and hit "redeem".
House Account Options

There are 3 House Account options that you can purchase. The more you help, the more bonus credit you get.

*offers will differ based on the restaurant.

Participating Restaurants
Here's the list of participating venues offering House Accounts. To support your favourite restaurant or cafe, click on their name below. We'll update this list daily to add new venues as they sign up.
Participating Restaurants
(This list is actively being updated)
Bare Bones Society
Crafty Fox Ale House
Crepe & Co.
Dancing Bean Coffee
Flavor Town
X Cargo
Jasons Deli
Taco Loco
Flavor Town
X Cargo
Don't see your favourite restaurant or cafe listed?
We're only just getting started. If your favourite restaurant or cafe isn't listed below, fill out this quick form with the business you'd like to buy credit from. We'll then contact this business to set them up and let you know by email when they're available to buy credit from.

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What happens if I buy credit and that restaurant closes?
When you buy a House Account in your favourite restaurant or café, you are investing in the future of a business, and the financial welfare of the people who own and work in it. We hope that, by paying it forward in this way, we can save as many hospitality businesses as possible. If all goes well, you get to enjoy your investment, plus a little bit more, at your favourite restaurant when it reopens.

However, in the event that a restaurant is unable to reopen after you have bought credit, there is a strong possibility they also may not be able to refund you. In this case, your House Account essentially becomes a donation to help a business owner and their workers get through some of their immediate financial challenges.
How do I redeem my credit?
Once you buy, you'll be emailed & texted a link to download the inKind app. You then simply enter your bill amount at the end of your next visit and your account is charged.

Does the House Account expire?
The paid value never expires. The bonus value is valid for 3 years.

Can I share my credit?
Yes! You can share any amount of your credit with friends and family.